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Sound Affects

Sound Affects - Polydor Records (POLD 5035)

UK Release (left): 25th November 1980


1.        Pretty Green

2.        Monday

3.        But I'm Different Now

4.        Set The House Ablaze

5.        Start!

6.        That's Entertainment

7.        Dream Time

8.        Man In The Corner Shop

9.        Music For The Last Couple

10.       Boy About Town

11.       Scrape Away

Highest Chart Placing: #2


1980    -    Only released on LP & MC

Later released on CD and remastered CD.

The Porcelain God book contains all release details including international and promo releases. It also covers details of all recording sessions and the tours supporting the releases, with set lists.

Shown above is the UK Sound Affects White Label Test Pressing on Presswell Records

Full track listing, which is the same as the final album, is shown with timings on the cover.

Sound Affects was released in the USA in January 1981 and you can view the press release by clicking below.

Press Release

Shown above is the Sound Affects US Promo Sampler - Polydor Records (PRO149)

USA only 4 track 12" white label promo sampler issued in December 1980 to support the album.


1.        Monday

2.        That's Entertainment

3.        Pretty Green

4.        Start!    



Sound Affects - Polydor Records Japan (28MM-0012)


To the left is the paper label for the Japanese release with the Obi strip attached.


Sound Affects - Polydor Records (2442 183)


To the left is the paper label for the spanish release which is much rarer than it's UK counterpart.