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Porcelain God

The Paul Weller documentary, ďPorcelain GodĒ is a definitive guide to the music career of one of the UKís greatest ever Singer/Songwriters. It covers, in painstaking detail, Paulís career from his earliest days in the Jam through to 2006 and is probably the sort of anoraks guide that Paul would hate and see as totally pointless.  If however, you are a fan and want a complete recording database of over 450 Jam, Style Council and Paul Weller songs or want to have a reference guide to his career, then this may be the book for you.

Written by a fan for other fans, Porcelain God is the most detail account of Paul Wellerís music ever compiled. The project is a work in progress and will be updated on an annual basis as some information is still unknown and being uncovered on a daily basis.

Version 2 of the initial proof book is in A4 loose leaf format but comes bound in a plastic front cover and spine. It spans a massive 318 pages, documenting and analysing Paulís work in extreme detail. It is split into the following chapters:

Chronology: A diary of Paulís career covering from the period 1958 to 2006, this section includes all music related activity including; key events, concerts including set lists, radio and TV sessions, recording activity and music releases, where known.

Live Audio Recordings: A record of all known live audio recordings by The Jam, The Style Council and Paul Weller (Solo) including sound checks.

Radio Sessions & Documentaries: A complete record of all known radio sessions and documentaries. Paul has undertaken many promotional sessions often involving different, live or acoustic versions of his songs and many cover versions.

Live Video Recordings: A complete record of all known live video recordings including Unofficial & Official Releases

Discography: A discography of releases by The Jam, The Style Council and Paul Weller spanning many countries.

Official Releases, Chart Positions and Other Sales information: A database of release and chart information covering The Jam, The Style Council and Paul Wellerís solo career along with other groups Paul has had involvement in.

TV Appearances: A database of all known TV appearances and sessions by The Jam, The Style Council and Paul Weller.

Magazine Articles: A database of all known Magazine articles.

Bibliography: Details of Paul Weller related Books, Song Books, Tour Programmes, Special Magazines & Fanzines

Paul Weller Cover Versions: A database of cover versions by The Jam, The Style Council and Paul Weller.

Riot Stories and Respond Records: Details of releases by these two companies set up by Paul to assist other acts.

Studio Album Analysis: An in depth analysis of the recording of each album Paul has released, where and when they were recorded.

Studio Sessions: Contains a complete recording information database showing dates, locations for over 450 Paul Weller recordings.

Promotional Items: A database of all known promotional items issued to push releases through Paulís career.

Transcription Discs: A list of known transcription discs and the track-listings.

Vinyl Acetates: A list of extremely rare acetates of recordings by The Jam, The Style Council and Paul Weller.

Fan Club Releases: Covering The Jam Fan Club, The Torch Society & The Paul Weller Supporters Club

Company Information: Information on And Son Music Limited, Stylist Music Limited & Solid Bond Productions Limited