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16th February 2008: New version being worked on!

A new version of Porcelain God is being worked on. If there is anything you would like to see in the new version please e-mail us at: info@poreclaingod.co.uk

20th December 2007:   SOLD OUT

The 2007 version Porcelain God is now sold out.

We do have a very small number of books with slightly mis-aligned covers available at £10.99 through eBay.


23rd September 2007:

Porcelain God is now available on Amazon (but it's cheaper through this site!!!!).

Also the book has received a 4 star review (out of 5) in Record Collector Magazine (page 110, November 2007). The full review is shown below:

"Paul Weller: Porcelain God


Porcelain God Publications £15.99

ISBN: 9780955570407

What Weller did, where and when, from the day he was born

...Which means every gig he's ever played as part of The Jam, The Style Council and as a solo artist is listed - from the local talent contest at Sheerwater Community Centre in Woking on 22 April 1973, to sitting in with Noel Gallagher at the Royal Albert Hall on 27 March 2007 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. There are carefully collated setlists informing us that the Jam played covers of The Miracles' Mickey's Monkey, The Isley Brothers via The Fab Four's Twist & Shout, and Rufus Thomas' Walking The Dog when they supported Thin Lizzy at The Greyhound Concert.

Recording sessions are documented too. Did you know The Jam recorded a version of I've Got My Mojo Working in September 1980 at Polydor Studios? There's also a comprehensive list of radio an TV appearances, of bootlegs available, plus a full discography including overseas releases of singles, albums, collaborations and cover versions. There's little to no analysis, and no pictures either, but as a reference tool it's essential."

Lois Wilson


Thanks Lois!!!!!!!!!!!!!


26th March 2007:

Porcelain God - NEW Paperback Version!!! on sale 16th April 2007

The 30th anniversary of the release of The Jam’s first single In The City, which was originally issued on 29th April 1977 is almost upon us. To celebrate this milestone, a new revised 648 page A5 paperback version of Porcelain God is being released.  

This new updated version of Porcelain God has now been printed as a proof run which I am currently spell checking! A full run will be delivered in the next 2-3 weeks and I expect to be able to sell copies from the 16th April. Orders can be taken now through this sites ordering page and will be dispatched as soon as the book is ready.

The book will be sold through:

This site - Ordering

eBay Shop - http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Porcelain-God-Publications_W0QQsspagenameZMEQ3aFQ3aSTQQtZkm

I am also hoping to offer the book through a couple of mainstream outlets in the near future. To register an interest in purchasing the book upon it's release please e-mail us on orders@porcelaingod.co.uk.

Also I have added some old Jam articles to the Gallery page. Just click on the picture of Weller reading the Orwell book.


January 2007:

Porcelain God - Paperback Version.

The new updated version of Porcelain God is in the final stages of production and will be printed in paperback format in March 2007. More details will follow regarding availability shortly. Updates have been made to the chronology, recording history, live gigs and more.

There is also a new Porcelain God Myspace page which can be found at http://www.myspace.com/porcelaingodpublications or under the links section of this site.

July 2006:

The review edition of Porcelain God has been revised (version 2). It now has a new cover (thanks to Jon Abnett and Allan Jones) and the lyrics section has been removed for copyright reasons.

June 2006:

You can now order the review edition of Porcelain God directly through this site by contacting us via the Ordering page.

May 2006:

The review edition of Porcelain God is now available through this site by contacting us via the Ordering page. Simply send an e-mail quoting your Paypal e-mail address or alternatively stating that you wish to pay by cheque and an invoice or cheque payment instructions will be sent to you.

The review edition comes in a loose leaf A4 format bound with a plastic spine and cover and contains 398 pages of information.

New pictures have been added to the gallery, just click on the Jam Test Press and also pages of the book are shown on 2006 Porcelain God Book under the relevant section.

April 2006:

Porcelain God is now being updated to include activity up to April 2006 and some additional information on the discography. The book will be produced in very small numbers in a A4 loose leaf review version with a bound plastic spine next month and this can be purchased through this site. The book will be priced at £14.99 and unfortunately due to the weight of it, the postage price within the UK will be £5.00.

The book is now running to 400 pages and this is without any pictures (except for the cover)! See the 2006 Porcelain God Book page for more details.

February 2006:

The new Paul Weller documentary, “Porcelain God” is almost complete and pre-production copies will be sold in limited quantities during April through this site and eBay. The book covers Paul's career in painstaking detail from his earliest days in The Jam through to February 2006. It is the sort of anoraks guide that he would probably hate and see as totally pointless but, if you are a fan and want a complete record of his career to date then please go the 2006 Porcelain God Book page and read more.

Written over a 2 year period from May 2004, information has been taken from a huge number of live recordings, rare studio recordings and interviews from TV, Radio and the press.